Dapper Street's Big Feastival Behind The Scenes Video

Delivering to Alex James's Farm in the really beautiful end of The Cotswolds.











Jamie Oliver and Alex James’s Big Feastival is right on our doorstep. We’ve been enjoying long weekends at The Big Feastival since it was called The Harvest Festival and Jamie Oliver wasn’t even involved in it. This meant that we’d put off the inevitable too long. We had to set up shop in Alex James’s garden.

Sq Mtrs of Space

Man Hours Worked

Cups Of Tea

Did you get to see behind the scenes at Jamie Oliver and Alex James’s Big Feastival? Having visited the festival every year since Alex James first opened his garden to the public, we were just as interested to see how things worked behind the scenes, before the public arrived.

We strapped a camera to the front of our van and circled the site looking at Alex’s Cheese hub before it was completed and seeing all of the large and small stall holders constructing their stalls and planning their layouts.