Now into it’s second decade, highbrow streetwear brand Billionaire Boys Club is bigger than ever with it’s increasing popularity from it’s exclusive roots into high fashion.

Founded before Instagram/ Twitter came along, the brand grew organically from the hands of powerhouse duo Pharell  Williams and Japanese fashion designer and music mogul Nigo. It was no wonder the pair hit off with a joint creative passion and uniqueness, despite Nigo only speaking fragmented english. By the by, tastemaker and game changer Pharell pulled it off, declaring at the beginning he simply made BBC for himself. A prevalent moment of the brand’s infancy dates back to Pharell’s infamous ‘Frontin’ video where it is seen throughout.




Despite setbacks from disputes between himself & Reebok, by the end of the decade the brand clothing was officially born, though remaining at a premium price,  in limited quantities.  From industry big wigs like Andre Leon Tally, Karl Lagerfeld and Jay-Z wearing the line, the brand’s relentless force through the fusion of music and fashion culture mirrors Pharell’s univerally regarded genius.

Like everything N.E.R.D‘s former frontman does there’s a magic spark and youthful energy which sets BBC above the rest being admired from the stage to the streets. Synonymous for his innovative, sartorial choices,  Pharell has never be afraid to stand out as reflected by BBC’s brilliant space motifs (said to be inspired by NASA.)


Investment buddy & fan Jay-Z

 Today the brand’s brother line Ice Cream is also going strong. With the arrival of Billionaire Girls Club (backed by Beyonce obvs), it’s  fair to say the brand won’t be going anywhere soon. Regardless let’s hope it stays loyal to it’s roots- only a truly great brand can afford to be so exclusive; another reason Dapper Street are proud to have it on board.

For AW15 clean-looking. premium sweats, t-shirt and joggers are the basis for the collection; featuring the iconic atronaut motifs & logos. Our favourites include the slick Plaid T-Shirt, £59.99 , lux Logo Sweats, £84.99 and trippy Stellar Hoody £150.

Shop your favourite now and be the envy of others unable to get their mits on it. Available online & in our Witney Store.