If you needed more proof of Levi’s inimitable impact on denim from it’s very onset to it’s appeal today, look no further than The Museum of Fit’s Denim: Fashion’s Frontier. Curator Emma McClendon presents an impressive historical journey of denim from it’s workwear origins to it’s high fashion appeal. What once was a battered stitching of woven cotton in the early 19th Century has come a long way to say the least…Dapper Street are pretty proud to offer the brand that  clothed the original workers of the West Coast gold rush; Levi Strauss & Co.’s clothing.


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Right from the forefront, the Original 501 is platformed as the merit of the denim industry, with an authentic template for the five-pocket, riveted jean that was a cowboys go-to. From traditional prisoner overalls, women’s jackets and patched trousers, it’s amazing to think just how the fabric was augmented for both sexes – whatever the industry. With the prevailing of ‘Western Wear‘ and ‘Play‘ (leisure) clothing following the changes in economic and gender terms, denim organically adopted a more fashionable silhouette.



Jumpsuit, denim, 1942-45, USA, gift of D. Toser, 2007.63.7  FIT Museum. NY. 2016

 One of our favourites derived from the 1950’s stylizers has got to be Marlon Brandon-  a pin up of ‘Biker’ cool. Soon denim was in the firing line as a ‘juvenile rebel’ uniform. From turn ups, to the traditional trucker- via the guys of hollywood- the fashion staples were born. Still in so many of the brand’s campaigns today- a basic white tee paired with a decent jacket and flattering pair of Levi’s look fresher than ever.

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This merge of fashion and subcultures continued with the hippies of the 60’s and  70s, as well as hip hop and grunge of the 90s. with the millenium arguably creating a hybrid of these. Now it is speculated that more than half the world’s population is wearing jeans each day! Whether low-slung a’ la early 2000, Bootcut cowboy style or distressed nirvana-chic (to name a few.)

Now with consumers being more tuned-in with sourcing, production responsibility and a somewhat new appreciation for authenticity and heritage, it’s no coincidence the infamous 501 is more popular than ever. Check out the brands new tagline ‘We are 501.’




Further still a considerable developement is how Denim is now acceptable in fashion’s most elite circles worldwide. Pairing this with Levi’s indisputable name and today’s proven celebrity + brand image formula (Including The Vaccines and fashion blogger Caroline de Maigret), it’s no wonder the 501 is at the centre of it’s SS16 campaign.



Getting dressed and looking good has never been so easy (believe us) with denim being EVERYWHERE. Mix it up with bleached faded styles for day or smarten up in dark indigo  for night. Style up with investment-worth brogues or your brightest trainers, whatever it’s your call. We’re still not sure the skinny is out but the 501 straight leg needs to be at the front of your wardrobe for the foreseeable future.