With the new season comes a whole host of opportunites and sartorial choices. While the cooler days set in, the party season is just round the corner; the perfect time to invest in your new grooming routine. Whether you’re a loyal fan or totally new to it don’t fret as Dapper Street are here to help you look sharp for your packed social calender.

Yep, we’ve upped our game and now offer an exstensive range of products following the market sector’s huge popularity of late. With a defined product catalogue tailored to every man’s needs, Baxter of California is cutting edge in terms of contemporary style and scientific innovation. (Basically we like it alot.)



 We love the brand’s fresh & sophisticated Instagram feed.


For those wanting a gentle introduction, there’s the Daily Facial Wash with soothing Aloe Vera and the exfoliating Daily Facial Scrub, both an easy to use, one-for everyone-kind of product. For the more swanky gents there’s the Hair pomade including a soft water and cream blend for a solid hold and shiny finish. Incased in a minimalist, fancy pot in a number of glistening colours resembling a pick & mix selection, they’re hard to resist.


Dapper Street pick: Baxter of California Daily Facial Wash, £17.00. 


We’re firm believers in a great lifestyle brand, That’s why we too embody and admire Baxter of California‘s  spirit and ethos, right from the grounds of California itself. So, to use the cliche, the brand is really more than  just a brand . It really is a lifestyle offering a enviable flair and style which yours can probably do with. So snap some up and it will pay off down the line and you’ll slowly conquer your washing and primping habits helping you become the shiny gent you can be.

Now’s THE time to invest and embrace a new attitude towards male grooming. The ‘girly’ stigma has been firmly shaken off.  Beginning with a new found love of the beard, the ‘Lumberjack’ look infiltrated from the hipsters to the mainstream and impressively hit the male market in the form of £72 Million! Not to mention just how many embraced Movember despite an itchy top lip. Yep 2015 was the ultimate year for men’s grooming with 1/3 chaps admitting to partaking in a little male-pampering. The beauty industry brings in a hefty revenue and looks to only grow stronger with sales now giving women’s a run for it’s money. It’s a premium price tag but a timeless product, so get on board and by christmas you’ll have perfect a new routine and look quite the dapper man. If that’s not enough it’ll win you points when your girl sees a Baxter of California product gleaming in your former cobwebbed bathroom cabinet!


 One for the Wishlist: Baxter of California Boxed Shave kit, £75.00.

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