The Beckham family hit the front row at the Burberry London show


It’s nothing new that Beckham is always on the  Dapper Street Radar, but now he literally could be if the buzz around the family’s move to Gloucestershire is anything to go by. Well, what can we say, the man’s sure got taste and the ‘Shire’ has been the weekend playground for the elite for a while now.

Yep rumours are the stylish brood are eyeing up a grand country house in Abbotswood Estate near Stow-on-the-Wold worth an estimated 27m. Apparently the house is 24 times the cost of the average new build in this region. Well wouldn’t expect any less for the powerhouse-duo considering their combined brand worth of £500m.




Sporting 10 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a whopping 13 out buildings and enough land for 380 football pitches, it’s fair to say they’ll have a lot of their hands. But like everything else the  Beckhams touch, there’s not doubt the new ‘Beckingham Palace’ will be a corker. We’re thinking a couple of stadiums, an awesome games room not to mention insane closets! After all the boys and Harper are mini-me’s in that area. Check out Brooklyn rocking a Serge Denimes T-shirt earlier this year.




Call us cheesy but as our man crush, it’s pretty exciting to think Becks is only a few miles away from Dapper Hq. We can see him fitting in very well with the fashionable Cotswold locals including long term tenants Kate Moss, Liz Hurley, Alex James and Damien Hurst.  Having recently been spotted at the local chippy in Stow, who knows where himself and Victoria will pop up. We say a very good luck to them and feel it’s reason to celebrate with a reminder of what makes golden balls so great.


1. Universally admired. Whether you were a fan back in the 90’s, curtains and all or have a new found love for the sartorially-sussed chap before us today.


2. Family man. Throughout his career the couple have always put their family first. The seemingly down to earth parents are basically the coolest ever as seen is the latest instagram post. Not to mention we like to think they enjoyed a battered Mars bar as a family at the chip shop.



David and Brooklyn on Instagram recently.


3. Smoking physique. You cannot dispute he has a seriously lean, perfectly formed bod. We’re still aiming.


4. Tatt’s appeal.  His tattoo game is STRONG, just making him even cooler.


 Image credit: Getty


5. Grooming. From young  footballer at Manchester United to the face of H&M and Belstaff, Becks always keeps his grooming in check. In recent years the embrace of the facial fuzz has only won him more points in the style limelight.




So who knows, we might be seeing the clan sooner than we think. Maybe on a stroll for Sunday Lunch, Barbours and all, or at your local Supermarket. For now take inspiration from the man himself; making sure your style game is on point from grooming to your wardrobe. It’s an exciting time right now, with a new season comes new possiblities and who knows who you might bump into!



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