It’s one of the highlights of the work social calender, a chance to loosen your tie and chill out a bit with the people you see more than your family. A chance to enjoy a free drink as well as potentially make or break your career. For anyone it can be pretty daunting and spell out trouble for the socially-inept/ embarassing drunk. With over half of Britons making an excuse to avoid going and numerous culprits calling in sick the morning after, here at Dapper street we hear you! And want to help ensure you’ll still have that job the next morning! (As well as looking your Dapper-utmost.)


Suited & Booted: Knudd Blazer, Anerkjendt, £144.00

Firstly, Although they may be friends your audience/hosts are at foremost co-workers. Professionalism is key. Remember that while office parties are intended as social events to reward employees and raise spirits, they remain business events. Do act as though your behavior is being observed every minute (it probably is.)


Brush up your skills:’Guide to the modern gentleman’ £15.00, In-Store Only.

Prep for ‘tumble-weed moments’. There’s always going to be a time when there’s a gap in conversation or a little awkwardness so Do plan easy-talking topics: asks about their family, a latest film, xmas plans. If you’re really struggling invest in a  prop such as a hanky or pipe. (No maybe not.) IF IN DOUBT THINK OF A GET-OUT-CLAUSE.


The conversation piece? Happy Socks, Paisley £8.00

Don’t pull out your favourite ‘Lad’s night outfit’ from your wardobe.  Whilst you might think you’re being smooth with a low vee, you’ll be getting the wrong attention. Also that loud brightly coloured shirt? It takes a lot to pull it off and either goes one way or the other. It’s you’re call fella. Similarily, Don’t  mis-read the dress code al’a Bridget Jones.You’ll be rembered as the daft one for a whole year (if you last that long.) A simple, smart evening shirt is always a winner.

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Do socialize and circulate. Choose stylish as well as practical footwear allowing you to work the room- making time and effort to chat with the boss as well as your team.(But Don’t be a show off, act with etiquette and decorum at all times.)


Merc Aldwych Suede brogue, £90

Don’t flirt and Do keep your hands to yourself. You don’t want people to think of you as the ‘creepy guy’ after a drink. If there’s any doubt keep away from the mistletoe to avoid embarassement on your part or others.

Do eat well and have water at hand to alternate with drinks. Don’t be the bruised casualty or one with your head down the bog within in the first couple of hours (or the next day.)

Don’t think your a dancing king. While you might think you’re quite a mover after a few mulled Wines, the odds are stacked against you mate…Similarily, Don’t be the last one standing (or trying to stand)- i.e outstaying your welcome (indulging in the free bar.) People will think you have no where to go or you won’t be invited again.  NEVER SPOIL THE FREE BAR (there’s next year to think about!)


Regardless of all of this…Have fun & get into the festive spirit, we are! CHEERS!

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