Dapper Street are excited as ever because October 21, 2015, is THE day Marty McFly travelled to in Back To The Future: Part II. any excuse for a bit of fun eh? So we called in a favour with our Witney Manager, Matt with the end result being rather epic! Dressed head to toe in our brands including Scotch & Soda, Replay, Only & Sons and Selected Homme, we think Matt looks THE part taking inspiration from the film’s very own Marty Mcfly. Well they do say the 80’s is back in a big way!

If you haven’t seen it the basis is Marty and the Doc embarking on a quest to repair the space-time continuum, with laughs and some awesomely outdated effects along the way. Time travelling to the very day in 2015 (at 4.29 Pm to be geeky), we considered what predicitons became fact or fiction…

1. Sadly flying cars still aren’t a ‘thing’ as well as hoverboards are still yet to take off…






2.Video calls happened. In BTTF, Marty gets fired over a video call resembling the 21st Century format Skype or FaceTime.

3. Throughout wearable tech-savvy devices are used like Doc wearing the silver wraparounds- not exactly dissimilar from the headset/ endless  iphone accessories available today.

4. Fingerprint techology is kinda a thing, while we can’t yet pay for a taxi like Biff does this way we’re almost there, think about the whole contactless payments plus all the faff of scanners at airports.

5. Flat screen. The film was pretty accurate predicting the take off of huge flat screen tvs plus tablet devices. (Where would be be without ’em) if anything we’ve surpassed this now with foldable, HD/ 3D intelligence inabundance considering accesories from Tablet cases etc.

6. Hands free. From phones to gaming the film poked fun but this advancement is in full force today.

7. Sartorial developments- Marty was given  a pair of self-tying laces something of which is still in the works- But Hickies turn this on it’s head- the clever product which means you’ll never have to tie’em again. (Available online only.) Not to mention our incrediable Crepe Protect shoe cleaner- an insane product!




So there you have it. Not just a cheesy Sci-fi flick but actually a pretty clever allbeit zany film ahead of it’s time. Whether you’re a die-hard Marty fan of newbie to BTTF, get watching or better yet throw a party in celebration of the classic this Wednesday. (Any excuse for the guys to come round for a beer & Great Scott you won’t regret it!)