At Dapper Street we don’t like to do things by halves, and our new offering proves we like to bring you guys that little bit extra. So, proudly we present to you the brainchild of Rob and Paul Forkan, ‘Gandy’s flip flops’ and their truly inspirational story.Gandys_SergeDenimes

From left: Bandana, Peacock, All Seeing Eye, 4 symbols £24.

With their bohemian upbringing the brothers travelled across the globe, fuelled with a passion for volunteering. But nothing was to prepare them for the following chapter in their young lives- becoming victims to the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, losing both parents. Determined to make something good of such a tragedy,  the two came up with their idea ‘Orphans for Orphans’ as a tribute to their parents. At a festival, Rob woke up with ‘a mouth like Gandhi’s Flip flop’ and just like they’d created their company- a pretty unusual source of inspiration! Their mission was to help less fortunate children like themselves by providing essentials from a roof over their heads, to basic nutrition and education.

The collaboration is an ideal pairing with a contemporary urban vibe and expressive realism. Serge DeNimes, founded by Made In Chelsea star Oliver Proudlock combines urban culture, artistic flair and apparel for the young, street-wise and fashion conscious. £2 from each pair goes towards their idea to raise enough money to open an orphanage in Goa this year to mark the 10th Anniversary of the tragedy.


The Forkan Brothers & Oliver Proudlock  founder of Serge DeNimes

In four distinctive designs including the terrific turquoise Peacock and All Seeing Eye; #serge4gandys is both fashion forward and practical- worth making room in your suitcase for. Not to be missed!



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Designed in London. Inspired by travel. Fueled by giving back. #serge4gandys

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