at The Big Feastival


This is not like any other festival you’ve been to.

The end of August means only one thing if you live in the northern end of the glorious Cotswolds. Your bank holiday can be spent on Alex James’s farm in Kingham. This double whammy of most beautiful village in England and most glorious music and food festival of the year means that you’re going to enjoy this long weekend more than any other.

We had to be there to bring our local brand of urban and casual men’s clothes into a pop-up stall that would serve all of The Big Feastival’s weekend revellers.

“I want to live in a music festival forever.”

(and this one does food too)

We had hot burning sun and we had ferocious thunder and lightning. We sold Barbour wax jackets for people to take home for winter, Hype backpack for the kids to go back to school with. Socks for people’s uncomfortable wellies and umbrellas to get back to the tent during the thunderstorm. All of this alongside clothes from Ellesse, FILA, Lyle & Scott, Huf, Brixton, Converse and Hype.

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The Big Feastival at Alex James's Farm