Img source: MoniBrians Tumblr.com

Ahh, the road trip, a rite of passage; a must do before life gets a little too serious. Think cruising down Route 66, air con full blast in a Mustang convertible; admiring the sun-drenched landscape…Or maybe we’ll keep on dreaming!

Still- no matter where you’re headed it’s a great opportunity to bond with the guys, forget your troubles and make new memories. For 2014 channel Americana-cool; look to the West Coast for a truly inspirational and forgettable journey. Before you set off ensure all the essentials are covered:

1. In the old days the mixed tape was a keepsake- These days make sure your ipod playlist is bang on- everyone has a road trip anthem and a vast array of power ballads is a must!

2. Beverage. Enough said.

3.The Postcode challenge- whenever you’re in a new district there’s one or a few challenges that each of you must comply with. NB: Every man for himself.

4. Killer gadgets: Or most importantly. Your GPS. Gone are the days of the crumpled man-sized map (more like a wind break than anything.) Tailor your trip to you needs and program your navigator to hit the best landmarks. Check out the Road Tripper app free from itunes.

5. Ensure a stylish wardrobe is in tow: Yes there’s a lot more to life (& a good road tip) than a great wardrobe but it plays a vital part in helping you feel dapper on your travels. Layering is great to make sure you stay cool whatever the temperature. Keep things easy with a simple tee and shirt option- with Denim think light-washed and worn looking. For the ultimate comfort grab some basic jersey shorts ,jeans and long distance driving does not mix). For SS14 heat things up with tropical print, whether a vest, swim shorts or better yet Bucket hat. Havaianas go without saying alongside a Boat shoe for any dos you crash along the way. And finally, Paracetamol and headphones for when you need a little R & R.


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