With the vast amount of guys sporting facial fuzz it is imperative the modern man maintains this marvellous feature to a Dapper standard. In the 70’s it was the handlebar; in the 80’s the Magnum P.I, whilst the 90’s inspired clean-shaven modelesque. But now the beard is back, it’s hip to be hairy. You only have to look at Hollywood’s leading men to note it’s trend worthy status, check out Jared Leto’s full on bush. Too much? Check out the hipster look  a la Aaron Paul and Magnetic Zero’s Alex Ebert . And for the mature chaps? The silver fox, (the Clooney) a few flecks of grey works wonders giving you that distinguished edge. Whatever your thing ensure your beard is always looking its best. Enjoy the magnificent feature of man! The heat doesn’t mean you should get rid or trim down its glory. Summer is the perfect time for an update, from creams and waxes to blades and oils. Look to the masters of male grooming Uppercut Deluxe for some guidance:

TIP 1. Always make sure you shampoo and condition your hair often, this will ensure there is no product build up in your hair resulting in a better application and styling will be much easier.

TIP 2. Make sure you have selected the right product for the look and finish you want to achieve.

TIP 3. For best results apply wax to dry or slightly damp hair, always ensure your hands are dry when applying and warm the product up a little in your palms first.

TIP 4. The Uppercut Deluxe Quiff Roller will help add volume and height to your desired style when used with a blow dryer.

TIP 5. Find a barber you are comfortable with, this may take some time but trust me once you find a barber that can do it the way you like it, stick with him and grow old together, everyone’s hair is different and if your cut is wrong for the style you want to achieve the product or application won’t help you achieve the result you want.

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  …After all a little facial ‘manscaping’ goes a long way for today’s Dapper gent.

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